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ICE BISCUIT BROOKLYN based on Brooklyn is a contemporary street casual wear which is for smart and young shoppers with their own individualities. We express various curiosity based on street sensitivity and offer trendy style through mischievous and humorous artwork.

TED and WENDY are eleven-year-old twins.

WENDY is a romping girl who always carries a bunny doll with herself and knows every plant. She likes to ride a bike, loves plants and has a dream of becoming a great archaeologist.

TED is practicing skateboard in a park near his house. When summer comes, he is going to learn surfing from his uncle. TED draws well and has a lot of dreams. He thinks he is grown up.

On weekends, they bake bread with Sam. Chocolate shops and toy shops are places that Wendy cannot just pass by. Ted and Wendy love Brooklyn. They like to go to any places in the town that are more interesting than the small school playground or computer games. Among the places, they like Icebiscuit icecream shop most.